Cloud 21 Announces a New Client Relationship With Uviaus

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February 6, 2015
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Cloud 21 Announces a New Client Relationship With Uviaus

After a huge success at the Bang & Olufsen House by EMERGE with HOM Consulting during Sundance Film Festival 2015, Los Angeles-based Marketing & PR agency Cloud 21 is pleased to announce a new client relationship with Uviaus, the company that combines the power of video within print media, creating a communication platform that can be seen, heard, and held. Uvideo makes the digital tangible, getting undivided attention 100% of the time. 

Uvideo in its simplest form, is a video player device embedded within a paper card. Think sound greeting card but instead with video. With Uvideo, the message doesn’t just get heard, it gets remembered. In a marketing effectiveness study, Uvideo scored 100% on Ad recall, brand identification and consumer interaction. Uviaus combines the best parts of print brochures and video advertising to make people stop and take note.
Cloud 21 and Uviaus will be in attendance at the Nightclub & Bar trade show in Las Vegas (Mar 30-31) Booth # 1505.
Uviaus Portfolio
The core focus of attending the trade show is to discuss the implementation of technology offered by Uviaus into the brands' existing marketing channels such as Direct Marketing, Invitations, Key Introductions, Sales Kits, Video Mailers, Thank You’s and also discussing the use of Uvideos in Proposals, Product and Service Explainers, Packaging integrations, Educational Uses, Press Kits, Digital Signage and more. 

UviaUs, founded in 2006, provides marketing solutions that are aimed at elevating its clients’ message above the clutter and making a memorable impression. The company specializes in delivering technology embedded solutions, dimensional, interactive and sensory engaging print through innovative products and services. UviaUs also provides complimentary creative and marketing services paired with their offerings.

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