5 Reasons Why Celebrity Gifting Suites Work Best For Brand Promotion

5 Reasons Why Celebrity Gifting Suites are Important for Brand Promotion

May 15, 2013
The Mortal Instruments – Jewelry gifting at Comic Con 2013
July 20, 2013

5 Reasons Why Celebrity Gifting Suites are Important for Brand Promotion

. Celebrity Gifting Suites- Five Ways to Secure Your Brand’s Market Lead

The importance of celebrity gifting suites to brands is legendary.

Cloud 21 PR has become one of the leaders in the celebrity gifting suite phenomenon. Cloud 21 PR’s goal is to get brands into green rooms backstage and present their clients through the media with the intent to get brand recognition from celebrity hands. With these tactics, companies have benefited from the new world of brand recognition success. Gifting can come in two forms. One is giving a product to a celebrity in exchange for a few photos with that celebrity sporting their new gift. The other is where a celebrity takes photos in front of a step and repeat backdrop (wall of company logos) in exchange for their gifts. Each serves the same purpose: those who see these photos in magazines or on the internet of their favorite celebrity ‘endorsing’ these brands is more likely to seek out these brands.

Celebrity Gifting Suite - Paris Hilton with Kate Elfatah of House of Minerva

There are five main reasons celebrity gifting suites are an integral part of brand promotion. These are instant recognition, brand sympathy, maintaining the lead in your market, explosive customer base escalation, and cost effectiveness for your company. In a quick breakdown, these all equal mass sales in a short time for less money than hiring VIPs to personally endorse your products.

Lil Jon stopped by Hookah Portable booth at Lil Charlie's Underground Lounge during Sundance Film Festival 2013 in Park City, UT

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5 Reasons Why Celebrity Gifting Suites Play an Important Role in Brand Promotion

1. Instant recognition can be a time bomb in the best ways

The best thing for a brand, whether well known or new, is to get customer recognition. People associate with their favorite glitterati more than they do most models. They care what their glamorous heroes wear, what skin care products they use, and what accessories they choose. Having your brand in the hands of the masses favorite stars does not go unnoticed. The moment those photos hit the shelves in magazines, on the internet, or in press releases, your sales will explode if the photos go viral.

Steven Tyler - Oscar Gifting Suite with Amyn The Jeweler
2. Brand sympathy is a powerful tool

Brand sympathy isn’t about getting people to pity you. It is the complete opposite. Hiring a professional celebrity gifting service who is planning to donate the proceeds to a charity will get you double the press. Your brand will be associated with a good cause, and that will stick in your customers’ heads far longer than a simple photograph on the red carpet.

3. Maintaining the lead in your market keeps you ahead of the game

If you have had years of success, celebrity gifting is a good way to stay there permanently. Tried and true brands can still putter out of the limelight for new brands with better promotion, even with a long-term fan base. By keeping your brands associated with the most popular personalities, you are ensuring your lasting success.

Celebrity Gifting Suite - Oscars4. Escalating your customer base is easy with the right tools

The magic of the internet is that everything, even those that only show up in print, finds its way online. With the right help, you can get these gifting photos online and have everyone telling their friends about your fashion or skincare products within hours or less. The results can be astonishingly explosive.

5. Keep more of your profits by spending less on celebrity branding

The best thing about celebrity gifting is that it allows you to keep more of your profits. By hiring a celebrity gifting service, you are paying far less to get your brands into famous hands than if you were to hire specific models and actors to do the same thing. In addition, with this tactic, you run less of a risk of a busy idol turning you down due to schedule conflicts or lack of interest.

Emmy Winner Actress from General Hospital - Julie Berman seen here at Paul Frank booth in a Gifting Suite during The Sundance Film Festival 2012

Once you realize the importance of celebrity gifting suites to brands like yours, the results can be shocking and wonderful. Coupled with regular advertising and positive press, this can be another great tool in your brand-building arsenal. With the years of expertise Cloud 21 PR possesses, get ready for your brand to skyrocket into fame. 

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