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About Us

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Cloud 21 PR, founded in 1998 has built a strong footprint in Digital Marketing, Film Festival PR, SEO, Publicity and Celebrity Gifting Suites and Media Outreach. Most importantly we pride ourselves on being a DIGITAL MARKETING leader.

Our method is unique from various PR companies.

We are firm believers of Digital Marketing, therefore, we provide a 'holistic' perspective to our clients. Our creative team is always looking for a good story to tell about our clients to digital and traditional media.

Cloud 21 is Based in Los Angeles, with affiliates and associates in most parts of the world, we offer a truly global reach for the entertainment, luxury, fashion and corporate industry. Cloud 21 PR performs a broad spectrum of media relations, digital publicity and marketing tasks, either online or targeted to specific international markets.

Working with the client, Cloud 21 helps in building a robust strategy that meets the client's objectives and is in line with the available budget. Whether for small independent companies or filmmakers or the main international brands, Cloud 21 identifies the target audience and develops a cost-effective and creative method of reaching them at the right time, with the right message.

Cloud 21 presents all of our clientele with regular monthly progress reports monitoring our activity and detailing the degree of success accomplished. We are enthusiastic about the effectiveness of our digital marketing services, Helping Independent Filmmakers with a Distribution Strategy, SEO strategies and search engine marketing campaigns, Strategic Communications and Media Relations.

At Cloud 21 PR we understand the advent of Digital Marketing and PR today. We take pride in our strong team of skilled professionals who are seasoned Digital Marketing and PR Wranglers.