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DEADLY INTENT – A New Funding Model for Independent Films.


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DEADLY INTENT – A New Funding Model for Independent Films.

Two English women are leading a revolution in film financing by attempting to fund the paranormal thriller, Deadly Intent, by Crowd Investing.

Diana Townsend and Rebekah Fortune, the Producer and Director of Deadly Intent are working with the UK company Crowdcube, who have won praise from the British Chancellor, George Osborne, for the new investment system which allows a large number of individuals to invest a small amount each to finance new businesses and share in their success.

The Crowdcube system has already raised millions of pounds worth of investment in a range of industries but Deadly Intent will be the first film to be financed in this way.

Diana believes that Crowd Investing is a natural development from the well-established system of Crowd Funding.

“The success of crowd funding sites such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter shows that fans are prepared to contribute considerable amounts of money to get their favourite films made,” Diana said, “and it seems only fair that if a film is successful some of the profits should be returned to the fans.”

“Because the laws relating to investing are so complex it has been virtually impossible up until now for Indies to raise investment without running up huge legal bills or running the risk of breaking the law. Now it’s possible to go through an intense vetting process and then be accepted under the Crowdcube umbrella.”

Rebekah agrees that Crowd Investing offers great new possibilities to filmmakers.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that finding funding through traditional routes for a film with a woman director and two female leads is very difficult, but Deadly Intent is going to be a great film. We have a fantastic script and a brilliant team and together  we can set a precedent for other filmmakers. You could say we’re pioneers!”

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