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Dissonance by Natasha Fissiak Premieres At 2012 Cannes Film Festival

Texas director, Natasha Fissiak, romance/thriller Dissonance screens at international film market.

A new film, Dissonance, directed by Russian-American director, Natasha Fissiak, will premiere at the Cannes March du Film on May 23, 2012, at 2:00 PM at GRAY 5 Theater. Dissonance also screens at the Short Film Corner/Cannes Court Metrage from May17-26, 2012. Short Film Corner is a film market that offers opportunities for filmmakers to sell their projects to distributors alongside the Cannes Film Festival.

Dissonance takes us into the dark world of Troy (Kevin Dowd) who meets Marina (Karina Junker) many years later after the end of their romance. The encounter triggers a resurgence of strong chemistry between them and Troy’s obsession to rekindle the romance at any cost. He stalks Marina and plots to destroy her marriage. Is he on a journey to find integration between his state of dissonance about whom he is and who he wants to be? Or is he slipping deeper into a destructive behavior that endangers Marina and ultimately his own ability to find a moral compass lost to alcoholism.

The film is produced by Golden World Films, LLC (GWF), a production company based in Houston, Texas. GWF’s primary objective is to produce high quality films for domestic and international audiences. Fissiak’s films have been recognized at numerous international and US film festivals, in addition to Cannes 2012. Included are screenings during Sundance Film Festival 2012, the International Texas Film Festival, Gulf Coast Film Festival and 24 Hours Film Festival where it earned nine awards, among them recognition for film directing.

Dissonance is Fissiak’s fifth featurette and twelfth production. She has directed and produced documentaries and music videos before entering the world of narrative films. She will soon start pre-production on a feature film currently in development titled Empress of Texas. A biopic based on a Texas icon whose work brought culture to the wild west town of Houston, the story revolves around the romance between this oil heiress and her German soldier fiance before and during WWI. It is a story with universal appeal and international scope about love, war, loss and triumph. For more information, visit www.empressoftexasfilm.com.

Fissiak will be in Cannes from May 16 – May 26 and is available for interviews. For more information on Dissonance, visit its Web site at www.dissonancefilm.com, as well as its imdb page athttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt2145663/

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