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EIGHT FLOWERS in Cannes Film Festival – Short Film Corner

Eight Flowers is an award winning short film about modern friendship, love and social isolation.
The film is screened at the Short Film Corner – Cannes Court Métrage between May 17th to May 26th.

BEST SWISS FILM (Int. Film Festival Lucerne)


The story is about Benjamin Lewis, a 25 year old man who is living on his own in a
very human-deserted area. But he is actually quite happy, because all he really needs
are his friends on the social platform “Tracebook” who listen to him and send him
love from around the world. Today, just having reached his 1000th friend, he wants
to meet his virtual girlfriend in reality. But his destiny will change his entire virtual
life, so that everything takes a different course than planned on “Tracebook”.


Eight Flowers (“Acht Blumen”) is a 30min short film written, directed and produced
by the upcoming Swiss filmmaker Timo von Gunten (22 years old). In colaboration
with an award-winning editor from Hollywood and a César prize winning composer
in Paris the low budget production shows enourmous production value.


The filmmaker will be available on skype (timovongunten), by phone or email for

Contact: timo@bmc-films.com

+41 77 421 67 14

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.timovongunten.com

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1956415/