Cannes Film Festival with Karen Lam feat. Evangeline

Horror Director, Karen Lam, Attends Cannes Film Festival with Her Second Feature Film “Evangeline”

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Evangeline – Cannes Film Festival 2013

With the onslaught of international news featuring young women being held captive, raped and murdered on a weekly basis, Evangeline is the female revenge film that dares to ask: why we should turn the other cheek?

The supernatural revenge film delicately balances style with action: it is a beautiful film that remains brutally raw and visceral. The young cast features Kat de Lieva (Halo 4) in the title role, and Richard Harmon (Bates Motel) as her nemesis.

“In most female revenge films, the main character is spurred into action in order to protect the lives of her loved ones,” Karen explained. “But in this case, the vengeance arises from the loss of her own life, which I think is long overdue. Also, it’s common that the avenging protagonist is brutalized for the duration of the film, only to exact revenge in the last ten minutes. I wanted to do the opposite: show the injustice in the first half hour, and then have our heroine exact her revenge for the remainder of the film.”

Director Karen Lam will be attending Cannes Film Festival to present the film Evangeline to prospective buyers and film festival programmers.

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