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Jase Haber’s Blind Hell shines at Cannes Film Festival 2012

Jase Haber, who plays a blind man looking for redemption after having gone down the wrong path in life, feels the film has to offer a lot more than entertainment.

“We take things for granted. We see all these beautiful things around us and never think that from one day to another this all can change.”

Haber, who was trained by Brad Pitt’s acting coach Howard Fine, knew at a very young age what he really wanted to do. At six years old he asked his mother to get him an agent, yet somewhat unsure of what an agent was. While he back then might not have understood all the intricacies of the entertainment business, he certainly did make the right career choice, with his recent award of Best Actor in a Short film at the Salt Lake film festival being testimony to his raw talent.

“I feel you have to challenge yourself as an actor in order to get to the next level,” says Haber, who came to Bello telling him he wanted to play a blind man.

The story of Blind Hell originated from this concept along with several of Bello’s own life experiences.

Jase describes his working relationship with Bello as somewhat unusual.

“He’s a crazy genius. He is a very unique in everything he does, but it works.”

The filming itself also proved to be challenging and Jase shares that during his scene at a subway station he was confronted with an angry homeless man who continued to curse and harass Habor while in Character.

Following his massive success in Blind Hell and awaiting any further awards, Jase is reviewing and choosing his next projects. Blind Hell did however leave a lasting impression on the young actor. “Don’t take life for granted. One day you think you own the world and the next day you lose everything. Sometimes it’s good to remember to stop and look at the beauty of life.”

Blind Hell played at the 65th Cannes Film Festival – Short Film Corner (Cannes Court Metrage)

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