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Press Release – Imedi Films and Sarke Studios in joint venture to release a slate of films beginning in October 2012




Imedi Films and Sarke Studios in joint venture to release a slate of films beginning in October 2012

Imedi Films and Sarke Studios have announced their intention to make and release a slate of films beginning this year.

Imedi Films is a production company that was founded in 2011 by Imedi TV, the largest Private Television and Radio Company in Georgia. The aims of this production company have been to create high-quality, commercially viable feature films. Halcyon International is the designated sales company for all of the projects undertaken by Imedi Films.

Sarke Studios is one of the largest and oldest production companies in the Caucasus region of Georgia. Since 1998 Sarke Studio has been specializing in TV commercial production, leading to an extensive and impressive portfolio. By joining the financial strength of Imedi Films and the production experience of Sarke Studios the corporations have their sights set on making and releasing feature films for US and international consumption.

Sarke Studio had decided that the horror genre allowed for the creation for high-quality, commercially viable feature films. This slate of films showcases horror at its best

Last year saw the completion of the first film born from this joint venture- 247°F. The film was premiered at the 2011 American Film Market in Santa Monica, California to much acclaim. It was immediately picked up by Anchor Bay to be released in October 2012, during the always-anticipated US Halloween season. After their initial success with 247°F, Imedi Films and Sarke Studio have committed to another three films, one of which The Casting will be completed and screened at this year’s American Film Market. The Salvia Experiment although unfinished will also be screened; finally Dead Mountain will be filmed in Winter 2013.

247°F follows four friends who travel to a lakeside cabin for a carefree weekend; the fun turns into a nightmare when 3 of them end up locked in a hot sauna.

The Casting chronicles ten beautiful actresses who show up for the audition of a lifetime, they quickly realize this is no ordinary casting call. Trapped in an abandoned factory, they are pitted against each other in a ruthless game of life and death.

The Salvia Experiment focuses on a remote lab, where six young psychology students will explore the effects of the most psychoactive plant ever discovered: Salvia Divinorum. After prolonged exposure to “The Experiment”, they begin to slide into a fractured state of consciousness where they can no longer differentiate reality from fantasy.

Dead Mountain: During the winter of 1959, nine hikers venture out into an isolated region of the Russian Ural Mountains, led by their brazen leader Igor Dyatlov. Encountering rough weather, Igor deviates the group up a shorter trail on a mountain rumoured by local Indian legend to be cursed. When group members start turning into corpses bearing inexplicable, horrific injuries, the remaining hikers quickly believe they have fallen victim to the mountain’s curse. This film is a testament to the Dyatlov Pass incident, which remains one of Russia’s most intriguing unsolved mysteries for over half a century.

Imedi Films’ acclaimed thriller 247°F will be screened at Le Marche du Film on May 17th at Riviera 01 and May 19th at Riviera 02. Le Marche du Film takes place along side the Cannes Film Festival. Alongside the screenings, the Directors of 247°F, Levan Bakhia and Beqa Jguburia will be announcing the joint venture of Imedi Films and Sarke Studio to release the above-mentioned slate of films.


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