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Short Film “Afternoon at Gudrun” to Premiere at 66th Festival De Cannes Court Metrage

Afternoon at Gudrun - Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 2013

Afternoon at Gudrun – Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 2013

Connections Made Through Dancing

Director Javier Badillo and writer Liberty Kee bring their second collaboration, a short film entitled Afternoon at Gudrun, to the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in the short film corner. People flock to the festival from all over the world to see the next up-and-coming works of filmmakers and writers for inspiration, critiques, and more. Through this film, they will experience what it’s like to be a shy, awkward woman who has a passion for waltzing. She connects with a friendly, handsome man who wants some lessons.

Afternoon at Gudrun shows the beautiful woman named Olivia, played by writer Liberty Kee, working at a wine and cheese bar. Her love for dancing is obvious, but her connections with others are strained. When a handsome customer catches her dancing a beautiful waltz, he cannot help but ask her for some tips. Not realizing she is incredibly shy, he forces Olivia to open up and step outside of her comfort zone.

The film’s cast of characters offers a wide array of talent. They are: Steven Holmes, the handsome customer; Teagan Vincze, the customer’s sister; and Dwayne Bryshun, Olivia’s friend and manager. Each plays an integral role in the film, which keeps it moving comically in the right romantic direction.

Afternoon at Gudrun is a romantic comedy made in Canada that is sure to make the audience feel warm and happy as they see Olivia learn to overcome her shyness to help someone else out, unknowingly helping herself as well. Everyone who has ever battled shyness or expressed themselves through dance is sure to appreciate this short eight-minute film.

The film’s short trailer shows an obviously shy waitress and handsome customer exchanging awkward glances as they go about their own business. Suddenly they are connecting through dancing a waltz, apparently to the approval of the manager who happily peaks in. The music of the film and the expressions of the actors say more than words could express in the trailer, which includes no spoken words.

Afternoon at Gudrun will be sure to bring more success to both the director and writer. They both have already shared some measures of success with other films, appearances on TV shows, and other successes. This awkward romantic comedy will be another notch in the successful column for everyone involved in the project.

This visual and auditory treat is sure to be a happy welcome to the 66th Festival De Cannes Court Métrage in the short film corner. It will be interesting to see the viewers’ reactions to the film, but viewers will most likely feel lighthearted and satisfied after experiencing the happy awkwardness of Afternoon at Gudrun.

Afternoon at Gudrun is to be seen at the official 66th Festival De Cannes Court Métrage 2013, a great honor and another extraordinary moment for Javier Badillo and Liberty Kee. For a view of the “Afternoon at Gudrun” trailer, visit Javier Badillo may be contacted at

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