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Texas Artists’ Short Film “Stryngs” to Debut at 66th Festival De Cannes Court Metrage

Stryngs - Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 2013

Stryngs – Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 2013

For These Small-Town Indie Filmmakers, the Show Must Go On!

Texas indie filmmakers, producer Geoff McGee and director Derek Presley, have been accepted by the official 66th Festival De Cannes Court Metrage 2013 to screen their short film, Stryngs. A dramatic tale of the life and death of Ambrosio the Great (played by well-known and accomplished actor Grant James), the short is about an aging puppeteer whose end is imminent but he knows the show must go on to make his final mark on Earth. International film influencers will have the opportunity to experience a story that gives viewers a beautiful visual and musical vantage point of an old man being taunted during his puppet shows while he desperately longs to create one show that no one will forget.

“The invitation to attend this prestigious film festival is very rewarding because Stryngs represents what an artist goes through so often for his or her craft,” said McGee. “We shot on 35-mm film, without character dialogue, to challenge ourselves to work harder for our art form and we’ve created something I’m extremely proud of as a filmmaker.”

“The story of Ambrosio the Great came to me as I was thinking of how we, as humans with a limited life, could actually live forever through our art,” said Presley. “We become immortal because we are deeply ingrained into future generation’s minds through our artistry, books, paintings, and movies. In Ambrosio’s situation, he will live infinitely through his puppet shows.”

Stryngs is a fantasy held together by very human emotions. I really enjoyed acting in the film,” said lead actor Grant James.

To learn more about Stryngs, please visit http://spidercirclefilms.com/ and the official trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvhtezXdQ2k

About SpiderCircle Films
SpiderCircle Films is an award-winning Texas production company that is owned and operated by independent filmmaker Geoff McGee. Also a director and editor, McGee gained success with his short film Neal that screened at more than a dozen film festivals, including SXSW. His expertise in filmmaking is derived from his education at the University of Texas at Arlington, and while working for industry leaders such as Panavision, Cinelease, and independent film productions. For more information, visit www.spidercirclefilms.com

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