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On The Nature of Hotness – Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 2013 – Press Release

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On The Nature of Hotness – Short Film Corner, Cannes Film Festival 2013 – Press Release


This Funny and Exciting Film Will Leave You Hot


On The Nature of Hotness - Short Film Corner - Cannes Film festivalLos Angeles, CA – May 13, 2013 / Writer, actor, and executive producer Richard Snyder brings the short film, On the Nature of Hotness, to viewers from all over the globe at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Among these viewers will be several directors and producers, financiers and people waiting to be influenced by this film.

On the Nature of Hotness is both a funny and a profound film that challenges its viewers to unwrap their own hotness through understanding biological, physical, psychological and spiritual factors. Richard Snyder is a doctor, a student of the Creative and the Divine, and a serious comedian. His insights come from study of ancient wisdom and his own life experiences.

With a small cast of characters including Brian Mason and Stephan Hansmire, Snyder explores the subject of attractiveness through modern eyes. Ancient times have had an impact, but Hotness “needs an update,” according to Snyder. A comical animated otter, also known as Snyder’s “inner marine mammal,” helps explain the Nature of Hotness to viewers.

On the Nature of Hotness is a funny 10-minute ride through the mysteries of Hotness, and it also imparts wisdom. In fact, the film is the first of several multimedia pieces that will explore important topics of ancient and modern interest, such as fear, love and money. Viewers will walk away from “On the Nature of Hotness” with a better understanding of how they perceive attractiveness and what it means to them personally.

The film’s short trailer begins with Snyder briefly talking about Hotness in ancient times, but he quickly changes his approach as he focuses the topic on modern times. Clips of sexy pictures and provocative erotic materials flash before the viewers’ eyes as Snyder, dressed professionally in a white coat,  discusses what these materials mean to the modern world.

On the Nature of Hotness is sure to push boundaries of what people already know and what they think they know about being attracted to others. It will address how others are attracted to them. Has love and being attracted to others changed over the course of time humans have spent on Earth? Do cultures and the passage of time help guide us to what we find attractive?

This comical yet inspiring short film is sure to be a outstanding addition to the Festival De Cannes Court Metrage. Such short films that provide both laughter and deep insights will stay in the viewers’ minds long after they have seen the film.

On the Nature of Hotness is available to be seen at the official 66th Festival De Cannes Court Metrage 2013, a great honor and exciting moment for Richard Snyder.

For a view of the On the Nature of Hotness trailer, visit http://vimeo.com/64688024

IMDB: On the Nature of Hotness

Richard Snyder may be contacted at otterbeinpictures@gmail.com.

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