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Cannes Film Festival 2014 Celebrity Gifting

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January 26, 2014
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March 30, 2014

Cannes Film Festival 2014 Celebrity Gifting

Cannes - Welcome to Cannes Film Festival
Palais Du Festivals Cannes
Cannes Film festival 2014 Celebrity Gifting
We are now seeking brands to participate in celebrity product placement opportunities during Cannes International Film Festival, in Cannes – France, May 2014.

Contact us now to receive more information on how Cloud 21 has helped brands with celebrity and influencer placement.

Cloud 21 works with partners annually in anticipation of major award shows and film festivals. Through our effective, event-driven product placement, we have successfully helped companies like yours launch new lines, and super charge current campaigns; we consistently position brands ahead of the competition.

What makes the Cannes Film Festival one of our most sought after opportunities, is the convergence of media, VIP’s, Influencers, and A-listers from all over the world in one of the sexiest, most exclusive locations on the planet. This Summer, Cloud 21 will provide companies with a unique opportunity to brand their products with high caliber talent from all industries through our established connections and highly publicized events. Because of our special relationships with talent publicists, managers, agents and celebrities, our clients have the perfect vehicle to network and forge exceptional personal connections that can enhance their brand.

We take traditional product placement, and bring it to the Internet; our Digital Marketing services are bar none. We custom tailor the perfect social media campaign and elevate your branded experience through our vast network of online media outlets, celebrity influencers, and renowned taste makers. We take the hassle and confusion out of Social Media and are able to manage the crucial online exposure to truly capitalize on the event.

Our custom made packages are built keeping to your brand in the spotlight. Your personal presence is not a requirement, our experienced and qualified staff are able and willing to handle all activities on your behalf once you’re on board!

For a complete list of events: 

click here 

Please contact us now if you would like me to schedule a call for you to talk about participation during the Cannes Film Festival – Celebrity Gifting in more detail.


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