Naked Truth Premieres at Short Film Corner | Cannes Film Festival 2014

Joe Tong and Tony Chiu to reveal at Cannes Film Festival, a “Naked truth” on how to create a masterpiece!

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Joe Tong and Tony Chiu to reveal at Cannes Film Festival, a “Naked truth” on how to create a masterpiece!

Short Film Corner | Cannes Film Festival | Naked TruthThe feeling of being exposed when naked in front of someone is just one of the questions being answered in this Short. Dare you to find the other answers.

The short film Naked truth, to be screened at the Short Film Corner, is already delighting the audience worldwide with a remarkable story that questions deep human feelings and needs. It attempts to explore the possibilities of creating a masterpiece through joint efforts and reexamines an eternal question – that often complicates the relation between a man and a woman.

Filmmakers Joe Tong and Tony Chiu, succeed in making us an observer of ourselves through the story of a couple in Naked truth. It makes us think about some key questions in a man woman relationship – whether a woman always seeks a connection on an intellectual level before getting into a physical contact? Whether a man only enjoys the game? Does being naked in front of someone really make one feel exposed?  

Young and talented, Tong is a Vietnamese/Chinese born in Malaysia and grew up in Oklahoma City, OK and is now based in Los Angeles, CA. Besides co-writing and co-producing the film, Tong also plays the male lead in the film. Tong’s multitasking doesn’t really come across as unexpected considering that he started his professional career in acting and appeared in numerous commercials, TV shows, and films. Besides his success as an actor, Tong also runs his own production company by the same name as his first short film – the Naked Truth!

Chiu, director and co-producer of Naked Truth, was born in Hong Kong and raised in Los Angeles. Soon after finishing a Bachelor of Arts degree in film production from U.S.C. in 1995 Chiu was working with Gus Van Sant on Psycho, Roland Emmerich on Godzilla and John Woo on Broken arrow! “Naked Truth” is a reflection of Chiu’s hard work over the previous years.

Alexandra Bard a young and upcoming actress, plays the female lead. She has earlier appeared in films such as Lunch Brake (2013) and Mantervention (2014).

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About Short Film Corner: Organized by the Cannes Film Festival, the Short Film Corner is the essential meeting place for independent filmmakers. Since 2004, short film producers and directors have chosen the Short Film Corner as the place to present their films, make meetings reality and take decisive steps for their future careers.

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